vienna calling


this is one of my best friends beloved toypets, giovanni the raccoon.
i spendt a nice evening with some friends at her place although she's a little bit ill. that's the reason why i wasn't allowed to take pictures of real people.

today i decided to go to vienna on my own since i wasn't in the mood of staying in my hometown
i went shopping and washed away my sorrows.
back home i had the brilliant idea to put my new beauties onto the curtain rail over my bed so that i could take some pictures for you

shoes - forever 21, dress - h&m, shorts - h&m, cropped top - forever21

earrings - forever21

since i was already taking pictures i decided to show you a small part of my room
i got the clothes rail about one year ago and i love it, it's so much easier to put clothes onto it than putting into a wardrobe

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  1. Hey
    danke :* ...und ich bin neidisch auf deine Klamottten :O