today i went last minute shopping with my best friend carina as we're going on a one-week-booze-cruise-trip to turkey in like ummm 2 hours woop woop
therefore i won't have any internet access for 7 days but i'll be back with some colourful high quality digicam pictures next saturday

high waisted shorts - forever21; tshirt - mango; cardigan - next; buckle wedges - asos


3 - 7 am

cra$hing and ravaging school in the middle of the night

oh em gee - one day trailer

WOOAHHHHH i just found out that my favourite book, one day by david nicholls, is turned into a movie until november. release date in austria is november 3rd
i don't know why i'm such a fan of film adaptations since i'm disappointed afterwards most of the time but hey ho who cares


on da roof

been to my grandparents' superdooper roof today in order to steal
their cherries with vicky


i once was a kid all i had was a dream

being absolutely crazy artists = fun

sarah, bella, manu

sarah, bella, manu & sarah :)

sarah, manu and me

best and most exciting city ever - main square st.pölten, lower austria


so i look to my eskimo friend

#1 damien rice spam

oh, hello

i'm johanna, i'm 17, i'm boring, i'm from austria and i just passed my a-levels.
i've got obsessions and aversions and you'll get to know all of them.

two days ago my friends and me celebrated in an extremely sophisticated way.
we got drunk and fell alseep, oh hey what did you think?